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JC Tubbs: Music


(JC Tubbs)
February, 2002
JC Tubbs
A man in prison dreams of what he lost
(c)JC Tubbs 86/99

LYDIA, it's been so long since you've been gone
I can't remember what went wrong
I just remember your touch, LYDIA
LYDIA if you were here today
I think you'd see me in a different way
You'd see I want you, LYDIA

Locked behind these prison gates
I close my eyes and see you're face now, Lydia
I guess I loved you way too much
To watch some other young man touch you. LYDIA. oh, oh LYDIA

LYDIA, I had a dream of you last night
And just like all the other nights,
I held you close to me, oh LYDIA
Lydia, I know I cannot undo
All I put you through
I'm really sorry, LYDIA

And if I had a second chance, I'd take you in my arms and dance
Oh we'd dance, ooh, ooh, ooh how we dance
Ooh, ooh, we'd dance, ooh, ooh, ooh how e used to dance

Repeat verse 1

It would be so nice to hold you once again
And feel like it would never end, oh LYDIA
I just can't get you off my mind
I wonder if they'll ever find you, LYDIA, oh oh LYDIA, LYDIA